Women Only Fitness Center Equipment

Women Only Fitness Centres is the hottest trend of the fitness industry all over the world. INTIMIDATION is the #1 reason that keeps women, especially overweight or senior ladies from joining co-ed gyms. slimLINE Laser series hydraulic fitness equipment is engineered and designed especially for women’s fitness centers for 30 Minutes Circuit Training. 

slimLINE Laser series are ideal equipment for complete body workout for women of all ages and sizes. Women lose weight fast and painlessly. Each station targets strengthening muscles and full body toning within 30 minutes. Designed to work two opposing muscles groups in each station – space and time efficient.

  • Time efficient – 30mins complete body workout
  • Cardio and Strength training
  • Automatically adjusts to each user capacity
  • Effective workout for all fitness levels everytime
  • Increased stamina, endurance and flexibility
  • Safe – low impact and no risk of injury to joints and muscles
  • Fun workout sessions
  • Group and individual training
  • Easy to use
  • 6 Settings for higher resistance

30 mins Women Only Fitness Center Gym Range - 26 STATION SET

This package accommodates 26 users at once (13 machines + 13 jogging squares).
However the package can be customized with regards to space, requirement and budget.