Why Hydraulics

Benefits of Working Out on the Hydraulic Exercise Equipment

  • Increases the levels of energy and productivity
  • Hydraulic exercise equipments are designed for FITNESS and Weight Loss
  • Exercises performed on these machines produce greater metabolic heart rate responses than exercise performed on the weight based equipments.
  • Hydraulic machines have the advantage of being able to perform two exercises on one machine.
  • Time saving – Quick and effective workout every time, max 30mins for complete circuit
  • Help the user maintain ideal body weight
  • Helps to minimize the risk of chronic diseases and illness
  • Ideal equipment for physiotherapy, occupational therapy, cardiac rehabilitation and physical rehabilitation
  • Increases the rate of recovery after physical exertion
  • Regulates and improves metabolism and overall body functions

How does this all happen? Check out its technology…

The Technology Feature of Hydraulic Gym Equipment

  • Equipments are based on the technologically advanced HYDRAULIC principle. There are no weight stack in these equipments.
  • Each equipment has Hydraulic Cylinders which get their power from hydraulicequivalent pressure in return.
  • Thus, in the self-adjusting HYDRAULIC cylinders the resistance keeps on adjusting automatically and continuously to the strength, power, speed output and the need of the user or with the capacity of the user.
  • Further resistance is variable by easy twist of control knobs on the hydraulic cylinders having six independent settings for both push and pull workout. (Resistance depends on the knob setting and the speed at which you push and pull. Higher the setting higher the resistance will be and faster you push/pull higher the resistance will be.)

Safety Feature of Hydraulic Gym Equipment

  • These equipments are 100% safe and can be used without any fear of injury or accident. (User never meets more resistance than he can handle, even a gram of load is adjusted unlike weight based equipment where the setting is in steps of 5 kgs). The user utilizes his maximum capacity each and every time he uses the machine
  • Can be used by a 5 year old child to an 85 year old Senior. It is easy for beginners and tough enough for bodybuilders. Because of Hydraulics, there is no jerk on any body part or muscles
  • Body soreness / body pain is not possible in these equipment as the user can never apply more force than his capacity even if he is doing his workout after a gap of 10 – 15 days. These equipments adjusts to the capacity of the user immediately on the very first use and every time he uses the equipment
  • No preset start position. The user can start his workout from any position and can even leave mid-way very safely while workout.
  • The user can have small stroke/ repetitions if he wants to work out on specific muscle group. It improves aerobic endurance, flexibility and muscular strength

Other Features of Hydraulic Gym Equipment

  • Virtually maintenance free only regular dusting required
  • Hydraulic equipments don’t need any foundation
  • Hydraulic equipments are portable and can be moved anywhere at any time
  • No sound while working out on these equipments
  • Occupies less space as compared to conventional weight based equipments
  • No electricity required
  • Any type of clothing will do with no fear of accidents / injuries