Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Equipment

Fluid-Tech Fitness has been the leader in India, manufacturing of strength and rehabilitation products since 1995. Our products excellence in both quality, durability and most important, biomechanics. The R&D department at Fluid Tech Fitness takes utmost care in the ergonomics and the critical importance of proper positioning while designing the strength training machines to prevent injury and to obtain maximum effectiveness on the muscles that are being trained.

The slimLINE series and the exerKING Multigym are concentric only(push-pull) exercise system having immense application in rehabilitation and physiotherapy centers to provide safe accommodating resistance exercises to patients that need conditioning.

Hydraulic resistance is is self adjusting concentric(positive) exercise thereby avoiding eccentric loading of muscles. Specially for the recovering patients, concentric only loading of muscles is a safe and effective way to get the patient started on exercising early and safely.

Just like swimming, the patient can complete their full range of motion even in varying capacity ie. even when the patient fatigues he can still exercise in the full range of motion safely, unlike the weight based machines where the patient may limit their range of motion to a shorter range as he tires. As the patient moves slower, the resistance gets lighter.

The Fluid Tech Fitness Hydraulic machines have 6 resistance levels that can be changed with a twist of knob, giving the therapist varying options for progressing a patient. 

Features of Hydraulic Fitness machines –

  • workout every major muscle group
  • bio-mechanically designed
  • Safe, concentric (positive) load, no chance of injury or muscle strain
  • 6 resistance settings for varying resistance
  • easy to use and simple equipment
  • compact and minimal floor space
  • durable, best quality and maintenance free

exerKING – multigym

Just 15-minutes on the exerKING Multi-Gym will give you a full-body workout that burns more calories than running, swimming, aerobics, or working out on a treadmill or elliptical. This is possible only on the exerKING Multi-Gym which combines cardio exercise with strength conditioning so you burn twice the amount of calories in half the time! Read More

slimLINE Gym Range – 26 STATION SET (13 machines + 13 jogging squares)

This package accommodates 26 users at once. However the package can be customized with regards to space, requirement and budget! Read More