Hydraulic Cylinders

The heart of Hydraulic fitness equipment is it’s hydraulic cylinders.Each machine’s cylinder is individually calibrated in both directions to the specific muscle group for controlled full range resistance. Resistance is supplied by a hydraulic cylinder which is filled with fluid.

There is smooth fluid resistance in both directions, the push and the pull, working both sides of the body at the same time. The result is a double concentric (positive) contraction of the muscles. The lack of an eccentric (negative) contraction results in less stress on the joints and less soreness in the muscles after the exercise. Each cylinder give you 6 levels of resistance with a simple twist of a knob. The harder and faster you push and pull the more resistance you encounter.

We at Fluid-Tech Fitness, believe in giving you the best always using high quality hydraulic cylinders for resistance training. Our cylinders have been known to last more than 25-years. Researched and designed in house utmost care is taken to prevent any leaks, assembled by hand at our factory with metal bearings and precision sealing.