Home & Commercial Gym Equipment

Fliud-Tech Fitness ensures high quality and durable fitness equipments while striving to make it affordable for the ever increasing “home fitness” market. Whether you are searching for highly effective and performance fitness equipment for home-fitness equipment for yourself or a loved one we guarantee your satisfaction.

You can now get fit within the luxury of your home with exerROW – indoor rowing machine, exerSTEP – mountain climber, mini exerSTEP – stepping machine, exerPEDAL – pedlar and exerKING – Multigym, giving you long lasting results.

exerROW – Indoor Rowing Machine

Rowing is one of the safest and best exercise to stay fit. Exercising on a rowing machine is the best exercise for the complete body. Rowing benefits all groups of people, who want to remain fit and healthy – sportsmen, businessmen, senior executives, housewives, students etc. all can benefit on the exerROW Rowing Machine designed with most advanced technology of self-adjusting hydraulic cylinders. exerROW Rowing Machine, a Total Body workout and calorie burner in just 20mins – MAXIMUM RESULTS IN MINIMUM TIME! Read More

exerSTEP – mountain climber

Stubborn areas of hip and lower stomach do not really get exercised on a stationary cycle because of the fixed seat but in the exerSTEP, the user gets the advantages of cycling and mountain climbing in one compact machine targeting the lower body in an effective and efficient manner.Read More

mini exerSTEP – stepping machine

mini exerSTEP – stepping machine, super compact ideal for indoor spot jogging. Exercising with a mini stepper utilizes the same muscles needed to walk or climb stairs. The mini exerSTEP is specially engineered with durable hydraulic cylinders providing the user slight resistance during the workout that will help tone the lower body muscles, including the glutes, hamstrings, quadriceps and calf muscles. Read More

exerPEDAL – compact bike

exerPEDAL – super compact with benefits of cycling with adjustable resistance while sitting on your favourite chair. Simple to use, portable device that fits under your desk at work or use it while watching TV, exerPEDAL will definitely help you get fit. Easy and good for beginners with dual advantage of acupressure on the pedals.Read More

exerKING – Multigym

Cardio and strength training in one machine with 6 in 1 machines – shoulder press, lat pull, chest press/ ab crunches, seated row, leg extension and leg curl. Super compact and simple to use. Hydraulic resistance with 6 resistance settings for each machine. One powerful equipment that is highly effective, safe to use, no risk of injury since there are no weight stacks, resistance through hydraulic cylinders. Perfect for home fitness and personal training studios. Read More