exerSTEP - climber

exerSTEP combines active action and correct posture that enables users to utilize his total body muscles four times more effectively than the cycling action in a stationary bicycle. The angle of the pedal similar to mountain climbing is such that major muscles namely gluteus maximus, ilio-psoas and iliopectineal along with hamstrings, abductor muscles, calf and soleus muscles are worked out

Stubborn areas of hip and lower stomach do not get exercised on a stationary cycle because of the seat but in the exerSTEP the user gets the advantages of cycling and mountain climbing in one compact machine.

Benefits of cycling and mountain climbing on the exerSTEP

  • High calorie burn rate – burn 2x calories than a treadmill with the mountain climbing
  • Increased cardiovascular benefits – a healthier heart with  pumped up oxygen levels
  • Short workout times – best workout for lesser time, as low as 30 mins
  • Muscle toning – specifically target the glutes, hamstrings, quads, and calves
  • Low impact – no jerks on knees, feet, hips and other joints
  • Resistance bearing exercise – prevents osteoporosis
  • Easy and safe to use – easy moves and fast learning curve
  • Compact design
  • Low storage requirement (2 X 2 feet)
  • Increase in overall health
  • Fun way to workout while watching TV or listening to music