exerKING - Multigym

The exerKING Multi-Gym is an entire gym in the size of a chair! Just 15-minutes on the exerKING Multi-Gym will give you a full-body workout that burns more calories than running, swimming, aerobics, or working out on a treadmill or elliptical. This is possible only on the exerKING Multi-Gym which combines cardio exercise with strength conditioning so you burn twice the amount of calories in half the time! The Multi-Gym is an entire gym in one tiny package.

Key features of exerKING Multigym :-

  • 6 in 1 Multi Gym – Shoulder Press/Pull, Chest Press/Seated Row, Leg Extension/ Curl
  • Optional exercises for abs and low back
  • Saves Space – super compact as size of a chair
  • Time saving – “dual action workout” means opposing muscle groups are flexed during the forward and reverse stroke
  • Ideal for complete body tone up, strengthening, muscle building, endurance and flexibility
  • Safe, smooth and easy to use
  • Automatically and continuously adjusts to the strength, power, the speed output and the need of the user
  • Best Quality and Most Comfortable Multi Gym
  • 6 resistance settings
  • Top Doctors and Physiotherapist approved
  • Minimal maintenance and no electricity required

Circuit Training and Exercises Performed on exerKING - Multigym

Complete Body workout in just 15 mins!!

Upper Body Muscles
1) Shoulder press – Muscles worked out : Deltoids, Triceps
2) Lat Pull – Muscles worked out : Latissimus Dorsi, Biceps

Chest Muscles
3) Chest Press – Muscles worked out : Pectorals, Triceps, Deltoids

Back Muscles
4) Seated Row – Muscles worked out : Latissimus Dorsi

Lower Body Muscles
5) Leg extension – Muscles worked out : Gluteus, Quadriceps
6) Leg curl – Muscles worked out : Hamstring

Abdomen Muscles 
7) Abdominal Toner – Muscles worked out : Abdominal Rectus

Back Muscles
8) Lower Back – Muscles worked out : Quadratus Lumborum, Sacrospinal

9) Other exercises like – Dip shrug, shoulder rotaters etc. can be performed on the EXER-KING The Total Power.

Models of exerKING - Multigym

COMPARISON - Hydraulic Multigym vs Weight Based Multigym



Designed for Fitness

Designed for body building

Very compact and space occupied only 3 feet x 5 feet space

Occupies lot of space

Provide maximum conditioning in minimum space and time with maximum safety.

These machines occupy lot of space and workout time is 4 times higher than FLUID-TECH FITNESS EQUIPMENT and if workout not
done under proper supervision you will face injuries or accidents.

These equipment are used basically for toning, strengthening, flexibility and endurance of muscles.

These are basically for muscle building.

Machines based on Hydraulic principle are 100% safe and can be used by any age group (from 5 years – 85 years) by both male and female

They are risky, dangerous, unsafe, and prone to injuries or accidents and
different health ailments/problems.

A person can start doing his workout from any position and leave anywhere
even in the mid-way, very safely without any fear of accident because nothing will or can come crashing down on him/her. i.e. NO-PRESET

A person has to start his workout from a fixed starting position and leave at a fixed starting position.

No technique for workout is required in our equipment View the page

Proper positioning and posture is very a must otherwise there is a chance of injuring your body.

Both side concentric movement there by minimizing the chance of injury.

One side concentric and other side eccentric movement.

The person can keep on changing his resistance level by the twist of control
knobs (0-5) without any assistance.

The person needs an assistance to change the pin settings at each level or he has to get up from his seat to change the settings.

A person can do stretching in our equipment

A person has to do stretching separately and cannot do the same on the equipment.

There is no sound generated when a person does his daily workout on these

These equipment generate lot of sound disturbing other people/ members, when a person does his workout.

These equipment are portable and freestanding as they does not need any foundation/fixing to the floor/walls and can be moved anywhere at any time. You can have any flooring i.e. even Granite and can be kept on any floor of your building, i.e. even on the terrace or in your office cabin.

They require foundation i.e. fixing to the floor, for a person to start his
workout. You can only have rubber matting as it can damage the floors.

Uses, no chains, no cams, no cranks, no water buckets and no gravity acting
weights, which can make people hurt themselves while exercising.

These machines uses, chains, pulleys and gravity acting weights for workout.

These machines do not need a supporter/instructor on every time workout, as
these machines keeps on adjusting automatically and continuously to the need and capacity of a person every time he uses.

A full time instructor/ supervisor is required for ladies and gents
separately in case of these machines.

Need hardly any maintenance.

These machines need regular maintenance and servicing.

No power supply required

No power supply required

The person can see his capacity / resistance applied to every gram in PRO-EK MODEL.

The person cannot calculated his capacity in these type of weight based equipment (It is by trial and error only)

Best for rehabilitation as they help in the quicker/faster recovery of a person
from illness and attain back his fitness level.

Not good for rehabilitation. (If used, it should be used under supervision of qualified person).

You can have exercises : Shoulder Press, Lat Pull, Chest Press, Seated Row, Leg Extension, Leg Curl, Dip Shrug, Shoulder Rotaters, Abdominal, Lower back and combination of many more exercises can be performed all in
one machine.

You will have to keep on changing the station after each set of exercise and take a break in between stations.