SLIMLINE provides personalized group training ! . . . . .

The SLIMLINE system consists of equipments that adjusts immediately and automatically as an individual's strength increases, as well as to muscle fatigue. The user receives the 'ideal' program for her individual level of fitness.

Training with SLIMLINE equipments can be accomplished with large groups, rather than with one person only, because these machines adapt to each person in the group and provide each individual with the perfect workload as the time spend on each machine is only 30 - 60 seconds. Any group size, any age range, all can now enjoy training together.

Our SLIMLINE Hydraulic Range enables to get both aerobic and anaerobic workout. These equipments provides five major aspects of fitness i.e. Strength, stamina, flexibility, endurance and cardio-vascular benefits.

Circuit training program is designed to give you a complete body workout in just 30 minutes !

There are no fancy steps to learn, nor does it require a great deal of co-ordination. You enter the circuit where you want and exit once you have complete your workout. The equipment based on the principle of resistance, which means that there is no risk to your joints and muscles.

The adaptability of equipments assures that everyone get s the perfect workout every time, regardless of fitness or skill level . . . . . no more remembering equipment settings. No fixed starting position for workout. You can start from any point and leave at any point. The total system provides you with the most user friendly system of exercise in the market today.

For more details on Circuit training and Floor plans with our SLIMLINE Standard Series, visit our page : CIRCUIT TRAINING  &  FLOOR PLANS  

You will feel the difference !

  • Epoxy powder coated frame made out of thick gauge pipe for durability.
  • High density foam and high quality rexine (available in different colors to suit your interiors) for the seat that provides better support, comfort and durability.
  • Solid plastic (self-lubricating) bushings for greater equipment longevity at moving parts.
  • Cushioned rubber grippers on handle for perfect grip.
  • Perfect frame and seat height for easy entry and exit.
  • Fixed foot rest for comfort and resting your feet.
  • Concealed type adjustable Hydraulic Cylinders for both speed and resistance (SIX LEVELS). For more details on our Hydraulic Cylinders, visit our page : CYLINDERS 
  • Resistance variable by the twist of the control knob provided on the Hydraulic Cylinders.
  • Cover of the machine made of high quality composite panel.



* Self - Adjustable Hydraulic Cylinders used in SLIMLINE Range with ball joint rod ends, for both  speed and resistance (six levels resistance settings ranging from 0 - 5)


* Designed, developed and manufactured indigenously by us.


* Smooth, safe, no-impact resistance.


* Push / pull action works like 2-machine in-1.


* Durable, maintenance free Hydraulic cylinders.


* The use of two cylinders in most stations allows the resistance to be varied between two exercising muscle groups. This allows more resistance to be used, where the user has better leverage and consequently the workout is greater and calorie burn will be greater.


* Double-positive-resistance eliminates muscles soreness.


* Resistance variable (0 - 5) by the twist (clockwise / anti-clockwise) of the control knob provided on the Hydraulic cylinders.


For more details on our Hydraulic Cylinders, visit our page : CYLINDERS




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