Ideal for ANY AGE, ANY BODY, ANY FITNESS condition to   safely strengthen muscles, gain cardiovascular endurance, and increase flexibility!!

Women Only Gym Range Equipment

Women only – 30 mins STRENGTH and CARDIO circuit training is the latest trend in the global fitness industry. Women quickly loose weight, burn hundreds of calories, tone up difficult areas in a fun and quick way in just 30 minute workout circuit!  Read More

Senior & Retirement Gym Equipment

Ideal equipment for ACTIVE agingDesigned with Seniors in mind, every machine is simple to use, 100% safe and very effective to build muscle, increase flexibility, endurance and balance with simple push and pull resistance.  Seniors can SAFELY increase strength without any risk of injury. Read More

CO-Ed Gym Range Equipment

Busy Professionals can get a full-body workout in less than 30- minutes. Customers are demanding more attention and want specific group training formats that don’t require an entire hour of their time. Each machine is both cardio and strength and works opposing muscle groups at the same time. Read More

Kids Gym Facility

A fun way to introduce fitness as a lifestyle combining strength and cardiovascular exercises in structured, supervised formats. Safe hydraulic resistance equipments accommodate to the fitness level of each child, does not cause muscle soreness and is safe on joints and growing bones. Coupled with high calorie burn for fast results and improved energy levels boosting confidence and esteem. Read More

Physiotherapy & Rehab Gym Equipment

Physical Therapists choose our Hydraulic fitness equipment for SAFE and GENTLE rehabilitation of injured muscles. Physical Therapists can work with multiple clients at the same time without the risk of injury. The accommodating resistance matches the speed and force of the user, making it safe for all. Read More

Home & Commercial Gym Equipment

You love the idea of at-home workouts: being able to exercise on your own time, without even leaving the house? Hydraulic equipment provide cardio-vascular and resistance training, building strength, flexibility and endurance at the same time. Hydraulic resistance exercise equipment automatically adjusts to your individual speed and force, resulting in a safe, balanced and complete workout every time. Read More 


More About The Technology

Hydraulic cylinders are the heart of Hydraulic fitness equipments. Researched and Designed by our expert engineers to give you the best quality and durability always.

Read more


Is there any flexibility to choose machines customize the package? What kind of warranty is offered on the equipments and cylinders? What all is included in your Circuit Training Power Packages?  How long will it take to receive my equipment after placing my deposit? What color choices are available? and many more. Read More